In a small village, at Souri Apokoronas, in 1880, George and Georgena (at that time, in Crete, as well as in many Greek regions, wifes were getting their husbands name after the marriage) with love, built a beautiful house, to put inside  their family but also their love!
There, they were growing up their kids, giving them milk from the goat that was living inside their house, with them. They were also feeding their children with fruits and nuts that they were growing at their land.
Years passed through, George and Georgena passed away and their children, left as immigrants in the US. After almost 70 years, since the house had been built, the kids of George and Georgena, decided to sell their house to the Kyriakakis family.
 Kyriakakis family put all of their passion and love about the traditional way of living, and created this nice, cozy and ‘’petite’’ house. While building this house, once again from scratch (as the house had been completely abandoned), the owners tried to combine-marry modern building methods and technology with the traditional style-way of living:  They carved the rocks that were inside the house, creating a comfortable sitting area, they renewed the old oven that is placed inside the house, they rebuilt the broken arches that were gracing the house in the past and finally made it to come back on its glory days.
So, if someone would like to calm down and to enjoy the natural beauty in combination with the ease of a modern but also traditional house, then he should visit the villa Souri.

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